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The constant aim of looking for the expressive side of objects has always been found along my career in art. Every object, no matter functional, ornamental, personal or industrial has been achieving a sense aureole, either for our use of it or just because of its presence. As time goes by, many of those objects are getting forgotten, but they are at the same time becoming receptacles for our old experiences.
I like picking up those emotional bits and putting them in contrast or in complicity so that to create questions and answers. They are not always kind, but they are really tender.
They are little meeting points, bigger universe and field expressions comprising their own larger meaning: the apple representing the apple tree as the expression of nature giving life...
The contrasts and complicities from small elements and components, from nature or from artifice, must offer the metaphors recreating our imaginary, like poetry recreates our language: questioning, making you think, doubting, suffering, smiling... images recombine in their own universe, on which I want to open a window.


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