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1986 -Makes compatible management work with giving classes of Theory of Design in the Massana School of Barcelona until 1989.

1987 -Group exhibition at the Museu Comarcal de l’Anoia.

1992 -Work as illustrator and graphic designer .

1994 -Finalist in the LAUS Graphic Design prize.
Finalist in the FAD Architecture prize (project done with Jaume Riba).

1995 -Projects teacher in the Gaspar Camps Arts and Crafts School of Igualada.

1997 -Is nominated director of the school.

1998 -Illustrations selected by the Society of Illustrators of  New York in the International Category.

2004 -Exhibition at St’Art fair of Strasbourg with the Art Sud Gallery.
Solo exhibition at the Art Sud Gallery of Toulouse.

2005 -Solo exhibition in the Exhibition Room of Biblioteca Central of Igualada.
Solo exhibition at the Gómez Turu Gallery.

2008 -Solo exhibition at the Exhibition Room Gaspar Camps.
Solo exhibition at the Art Sud Gallery of Toulouse.

2010 -Publishes the book Per un disseny mínim (For a Minimal Design).
2012 -Is selected his trophy design for the European Balloon Festival.

2013 -Solo exhibition in the Town Hall Exhibition Room of Igualada.



1952 -Born in Igualada (Barcelona, Spain)

1972 -Exhibition XAPA with Pau Llacuna at Igualada.

1973 -Exhibition MIXAPA with Pau Llacuna and Miquel Isanta at Igualada.

1974 -Exhibition XAPA Capses (Boxes) with Pau Llacuna.
Obtains the degrees in Industrial Design from Elisava School.

1975 -Studies computer science at IBM of Barcelona.

Teaches Design Theory in Elisava School until 1980.

1976 -Solo exhibition 13 Conflctes (13 Conflicts) at the Exhibition Room of “La Caixa” Library in the context of the Congrés de Cultura Catalana.

1981-Solo exhibition Poemes de la mar (Poems of the Sea) and Mirant Llumetes (Looking at little lights) at the gallery L’Auca of Igualada.

1983 -Solo exhibition Llunes i Llàgrimes (Moons and Tears) in the Town Hall Exhibition Room of Igualada.
Gets the degree in Philosophy by the University of Barcelona.

1984 -Finalist in the competition for the redesign of Plaça de Catalunya of Barcelona (project done with Pere Puig and Jaume Riba).


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